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What can prospecting really get you?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Quick plug: If there is one thing you should do this November (besides eat turkey and stuffing), it's this: Sign up for my free webcast on November 1st, to find out what should you be doing daily, weekly and monthly to keep your marketing on track for 2011.

Have you done your prospecting hour today?

If you were following the 2011 Marketing Mentor eCalendar (coming out October 25th), it would remind you of this very important marketing task. The daily prospecting hour is one of the most important tools in the eCalendar – and I’m going to tell you why…

What if an hour a day could result in a 240% increase in your business? Saxon Design saw these results.

Check out my latest Quick Tip to find out why — and see how she is getting to know CEOs in her target market. (I wrote this tip yesterday, and since then, Pam has already gotten two more projects!)

In my 20-minute interview with Martha Retallick, of Western Sky Communications, she describes her target market, and shares her simple process to find and reach them. She explains how she tracks her calls and actually recites her no-BS phone script.

Today, you can review these resources in case you aren’t sure of the value of prospecting hour.

Tomorrow, Tom Tumbusch will share more details about how, exactly, to do prospecting hour.

Get ready to grow your business!

One more thing… Don’t forget to sign up for my free webcast, November 1, Start NOW: Your 2011 Marketing Plan. Not available on November 1st? The webcast will be recorded – and as long as you sign up – you will receive the recording.

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