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What are you worth?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

There’s the wrong way to think about what you’re worth—and there’s the right way to think about what you’re worth. The wrong way is how most people think about it:

  • “My clients refuse to pay what I’m worth!” – This could be because you’ve asked them and they said no, or because they have no idea what you’re worth.
  • “Why can’t I get my clients to pay what I’m worth?” – This is connected to taking what comes along. If you don’t look for people who are in a position to pay what you think you’re worth—then people will find you—and you can’t control what their ability to pay is.

If you’re stuck in the wrong mindset, don’t worry. It’s a pricing problem with a marketing solution! Discover the right way to think about what you’re worth…

This video is from my recent course for Creative Live, Command the Fees you Deserve. Get the complete class here:

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