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What are you doing this week?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

What are you doing this week to get the clients you want, the jobs you want, and the money you want? 

If you’re in my new marketing group (that starts Thursday, there is 1 spot left!) you’ll be doing Lesson 1: Everything flows from the market, where you’ll go through a research process to find the best and most viable target market for business—and you’ll be en route to having a strong foundation for your marketing. 

Over the next 24 weeks, you’ll develop the tools, and have the accountability, guidance, and support you need. You’ll even have a buddy to go through the process with. 

One creative was having a hard time deciding if the Beginner Marketing Group was right for her, so I put a few materials together to help her decide. If you’re having trouble deciding, maybe this information will help you too:

If you want to start building the foundation for marketing this week, a new Beginner Marketing Group starts Thursday, April 21 – and there is 1 spot open. Fill out this form if you’re interested….


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