What are the most effective channels for artist promotion?

The Lab at Agency Access just released a new dialogues podcast that I’m a part of. It answers the question:

What are the most effective marketing channels for artist promotion?

Here’s the overview:

There are two factors that are absolute in marketing. The first is that you must do it, and do it consistently! Professional creatives agree that no matter what marketing channel you use, whether it is email, direct mail, telemarketing or another outlet, you need to develop and execute a plan for your marketing mix.

The second key factor is that your marketing is dependent on your budget and target audience. No two artists' marketing strategy will ever look the same.

This Dialogues Podcast will explore the importance of:
• How to decide what the most effective channels are for your promotional marketing
• Keeping up with current promotional mediums, including social media
• Professional copy and maintaining consistency of messaging throughout your various promotional pieces

Listen to the podcast here.