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What About a Weekly Budget Check-in?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

We've been talking a lot lately about how creatives can do a better job dealing with the "money conversations" with clients. For my new book, I've been interviewing people on the client side to hear what they're looking for when it comes to talking money with creatives.

So last week, I interviewed Dana Manciagli, GM of a large division of Microsoft, who described to me her dream of how the money conversation would go with her ideal creative. She suggested creatives make it part of their process to talk money in every single conversation. Do a Budget Check in before hanging up. Just say, “By the way I want to let you know you’re on budget and there have been no changes since we talked last.” This shows a great deal of respect for the client and demonstrates your professionalism at the same time. (Plus it helps your client sleep.)

And if something has changed, that's the time to speak up right away and say, “That new section on the web site is out of scope so I’ll go get some new prices for you.” Then you formally re-quote, using the same language. “That extra section was out of scope and now we’re putting it in scope. Here’s the revised estimate.”

What do you think? Could you do this as a formal part of your process? Would it help?

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