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Wednesday = Creating Content

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you are following along with me and have the new Creative Professional’s 2013 Marketing Plan + Calendar, so far this week you’ve done a bit of research and a bit of prospecting (ideally 1 hour for each).

Today the task is to create a little content and make sure it’s strategically aligned with your positioning and meant to be relevant to your best prospects.

That content can be in the form of an email newsletter (still the most effective tool), a freebie you offer on your web site, articles or blog posts, podcasts and much more. Choose one, then add another and so on. That’s the only way to make it manageable.

You’ll see also in the new 2013 Marketing Plan + Calendar, the role social media plays in the plan I’m recommending. It’s a small role, not something to focus all your marketing efforts on because I do not yet see the return on investment for all the time people are investing in these tools. Most of what comes from it is serendipitous, not strategic. (If you disagree or have proof otherwise, please tell me!)

Go ahead, create a little content today…and for more on all of this, join my free marketing pep talk/webinar on Jan 10 at 2 PM (you’ll get the recording even if you can’t make it). Sign up here:

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