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Webinars are all the rage as a marketing tool

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I attended a webinar last week on how to give a good webinar, hosted by my friend Aaron Joslow of Rally Point Webinars who recently started a business to capitalize on this trend. The most challenging aspect seems to be mastering the technology. You almost have to become a geek in order to do it right, or else hire someone to take care of that for you, which is what Aaron’s company does.

Don’t kid yourself. It’s very labor intensive as far as marketing tools go, but can also be very effective. The way I’ve seen them work best is when you either present some content you develop for your market (tips, ideas, case studies) or you invite someone else to give a presentation (free is best) to your market on a topic they would find of interest. Either way, you are positioning yourself and your company as a resource and an expert in that market and that’s the whole point.

Julia Reich, of Julia Reich Design, was asking recently on LinkedIn about the value of giving webinars as a self promotional tool. (See how people responded here

Are you thinking about hosting webinars for your target market? If so, what questions do you have?

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