We’ve revamped the Marketing Mentor Web site

As with most web sites, the revamp and update to the Marketing Mentor site has been in process for several months, but it just went live in a soft
launch and we want to know what you think. So please post your comments
about what works and what doesn’t, from any point of view you want to
address it.

Here are some highlights of the new site:
1. Check out the "Team" in the "About" section
— Marketing Mentor is growing and now, in addition to me, Peleg and
our two incredibly valuable virtual team members (Colleen and Deidre),
we’ve included our two favorite creatures: Charlie and Sabrina,
complete with official bios and photos.

2. Expanded Suite of Services 
— for both "solopreneurs" and small business owners, we have expanded
our offerings to include not just the one-on-one mentoring, but also
the "solopreneur track" and "principal track," plus on-demand coaching,
when all you need is a few questions answered.

3. Biz Bits from Peleg — in addition to the Quick Tips that I send
out, Peleg is launching his own regular "bits." You can see a sample
and sign up for them here.

4. More testimonials!
We believe you can never have too many testimonials, so that page on
our site just keeps getting longer and longer. If you want to read what
people just like you have learned and accomplished by working with
Marketing Mentor, check out their own words.

We have many people to thank, including Marketing Mentor client, Jonathan Cleveland of Cleveland Design ( ), who designed the look and feel of the site and Audra Keefe of Orange Bike Design, who patiently implemented everything, through several rounds of revision.

So what do you think? Please give us your feedback.