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Watch this Weekend to Take Charge of Your Bottom Line Next Week

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If you’re wondering why your clients won’t pay you what you’re worth, watch May 13-14 when I talk dollars and sense in my online course: Command the Fees You Deserve for

The course will be streaming LIVE and you can watch for FREE from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm Pacific Time this Friday and Saturday.

I often hear the complaint “Why can’t my clients pay what I need to earn, why won’t they pay what I’m worth?” THIS COURSE is where I will be addressing this question and many others. I want everyone watching – whether you’re a creative solopreneur, consultant, or the owner of a small creative firm, to be able to get a grip on HOW to take charge and command the fees you deserve.

As for what I’m covering…I will be digging deep and I will teach you how to land clients who value your services and stop the self-defeating cycle of taking whatever comes along. You’ll learn how to identify quality prospects, deal with problem clients, structure your marketing to avoid the feast or famine cycle of freelance work, plus a variety of additional tips all focused around taking control of your business and charging the rates you need (and deserve).

Along with the video course, you’ll also receive the following bonus material:

  • Chapter 1 – Creative Professionals Guide to Money
  • Do You Have What it Takes Quiz
  • Jill Anderson Case-Study
  • 67-page Course Workbook (included with purchased course)

Here’s what attendees are actually saying about the course:

“A wonderful course – Ilise is a top-notch instructor! This course provides easy, step-by-step instructions on how to ascertain your professional worth, add value to your business [including tips on the value of newsletters], and properly package your services. This course provides tremendous value. I highly recommend it!”

“Ilise didn’t deliver what she promised… She exceeded her promises. Within minutes, I knew this was a high quality course. I watched all three days and took 18 pages of notes. I’ve been following her advice. Thanks CreativeLive for hosting this course and presenting Ilise’s practical advice in a professional, interactive package! I followed up with Ilise since the course and continue to benefit. Engage with her, invest in yourself.”
a CreativeLive Student

Yes, the course will really be streaming LIVE and you can really watch for FREE.

The start time is fast approaching, so I recommend you RSVP today! Otherwise, if you’re not available during the FREE broadcast, of course you can purchase the course from the course page so that all of the content will be conveniently available to you anytime and anywhere via desktop, mobile, or tablet.

If you haven’t seen this course, you won’t want to miss this – RSVP today for the FREE, live broadcast this Friday and Saturday!









4 Major Takeaways from my CreativeLive Course












Ready to officially start your freelance biz?







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