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Watch these HOWDesignLive@SCAD videos (tonight!) – QTMM 3/10/16

Posted by Ilise Benun on


My 2 glorious months in Savannah have ended. While there, I worked on a new pop up event for HOW Design Live, one element of the Savannah College of Art & Design’s Executive Education Sponsorship of the big event (May 19-23 in Atlanta).

HOWDesignLive@SCAD is a live video interview series with high profile creative entrepreneurs and design visionaries and now it’s all available for you to watch or listen to below. The pearls of wisdom have been abundant:

**  Kate Aronowitz, V.P. of Design at Wealthfront, who has held design leadership roles at Facebook, LinkedIn and eBay.

** Lana Rigsby and Thomas Hull of Rigsby Hull on design projects where the deliverable is a simple conversation, the product of their research and strategy.

** HOWLive Opening Keynote, Tiffany Shlain, award-winning filmmaker, on how she scales her creativity.

** Basecamp founder, Jason Fried, with a little rant on the importance of sleep.

** Design Strategist, Matthew Manos, and author of “How to Give Half Your Work Away for Free” on how to do exactly that.

This entire series has been amazing and I have learned so much from all of these generous people, who don’t hesitate to share what they’ve learned. And of course there will be so much more of this at HOWLive this year.

So, will I see you in Atlanta, May 19-23? The final early bird deadline is April 1 – and you can use my promo code “BENUN50” for an extra $50 off. Register here now.

And even if you don’t make it this year to Atlanta, this is all great “weekend watching” – much more productive than House of Cards!

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