Want to see our best?

We’ve been blogging for years, and over this time we’ve come out with some pretty helpful posts, nifty ideas, and inspiring topics that really “hit home” with our readers. That’s why we put together this new product, Best of the Blog – Part 1: The Basics. Right now, it’s the “Ridiculous Deal” at the Marketing Mentor Toolbox for only $4.99.

Part 1, the Basics, covers many topics, including:

    * Word-of-mouth ain’t all that!
    * Do what you love…
    * Your work life could be so much easier
    * Does confidence matter?
    * Getting to the real decision maker
    * When is it too late to follow up?
    * Ten-word blurb vs tagline
    * Do your clients fall off their chairs?
    * What to do when you get into overwhelm
    * And more!

More info or purchase here.