Want an advisory board like Luke Mysse’s?

The “best thing” Luke Mysse, Founder of CROSSGRAIN ever did for his business—was to create an advisory board.

In his session at CFC 2011 (To Plan or Not to Plan?), Luke talks about accountability—and why we need to be accountable to other people as well as ourselves. To help him reach his goals, Luke created an advisory board for his business. In this audio clip, he explains his criteria for picking members, and describes who his five members are:

• The financial guy
• The former client
• The customer service guy
• The good friend
• The successful designer

AT CFC, Luke challenged listeners to set up their own advisory boards. 

On Thursday, October 20th, he’ll be doing it again (with me) in the virtual Best of CFC event: Planning with Action and Accountability

Attendees will learn:

• How to create "juicy goals"
• How to stay accountable for your goals
• How to create your own, personal board of advisors

More details & sign up here: http://www.mydesignshop.com/product/best-of-cfc-part-2-business-planning-with-action-and-accountability-designcast