{Video} How one designer gets 10 leads per week…

Laura Foley is a designer who specializes in presentation design and training—and her new ebook gets her 10 qualified prospects per week!

If you’re thinking an ebook will take you forever to write, think again. In this video, Laura explains how she pulled together her ebook from existing blog posts in just one day!

Turn Your Blog into an Ebook? from Marketing Mentor on Vimeo.

In this interview, Laura also explains:

  • how (and why) she defined her positioning as a presentation design specialist
  • how she uses her marketing tools (monthly email newsletter, ebook and slide makeovers) to engage her ideal prospects
  • why on earth she recently turned down lucrative print jobs from past clients

Want to get a copy of Laura’s ebook? Subscribe to “Design Dispatch” at lauramfoley.com.

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