[Video] All About How to Find Your Niche


One of the most important facts about finding your niche (and your niche finding you) is the fact that it’s a process.

That’s what I’ve been harping on in all of the videos and podcasts and blog posts I’ve developed for the new Pick a Niche Kit. (BTW get an extra 10% off the sale price through July 31 with promo code “QUICKTIPBONUS”)

I think the message is getting through — which is very gratifying. Here’s how others are understanding it:

Vivinne posted this after listening to my podcast with Ed Gandia, #080: How to Pick the Best, Smartest Niche for Your Freelance Business:

What I found most helpful was Ilise’s emphasis on the fact that it’s a process. So many online voices make niching sound like it’s a quick thing, just make up your mind. But as a former educator I can see that she’s basically saying, “start with a bit of real-life research and then grow. Sow the seeds through talking and outreach, see response and then continue with pruning and so on. If it starts to give signs of blossoming, well then you have a niche! Voila. 

Versus diving in, making a big announcement and finding either you’ve chosen prospects who can’t afford you or it’s a huge time & money investment to educate them as to why they need you.”

And Roger Parker, in his recent review of The Pick A Niche Kit, wrote this:

Process-driven approach. One of the Pick a Niche Kit’s strengths is that it describes a process–a journey–rather than an event, like flipping a switch. Ilise acknowledges the insecurity that many creatives feel around the topic of “overnight” niche marketing. Creatives are often afraid to make a mistake.  Ilise overcomes this natural hesitation by describing a painless, non-threatening, approach that involves taking steps in the right direction over time, while carefully monitoring the results. Read the rest here.

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That’s it for today. If you know you need a niche but just aren’t sure which one to pick, respond to this message and we’ll figure it out together!

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