[Video] 6 More Excellent Examples of LinkedIn Profiles of Copywriters & Content Strategists

What’s the most important element in your LinkedIn profile?

And should your summary be written in the first person or the 3rd person?

Of course, it depends.

But I do answer those questions (and more) in my new video (bel0w), in which I show 6 more examples of LinkedIn profiles of creative professionals — today’s episode focuses on copywriters and content strategists. (See the designer examples here if you missed it.)

It’s all part of a new series of Excellent Examples, which aims to be a blueprint to build your own marketing materials. You can find all the videos on this YouTube playlist. (I keep adding new ones so you may want to subscribe.)

This is part of the new marketing plan for 2017: The Marketing Blueprint: How to Connect the Dots of Your Marketing.

Watch the 2nd video to pick up some pointers for your own profile: Excellent Examples of LinkedIn Profiles of Copywriters & Content Strategists.