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Using a “new site is coming soon” landing page?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Are you in the process of a website redesign? Have you been for months (or years)?

If you’re wondering if you should you leave your old site up until the new one is ready, or take it all down and post a “new site coming” notice as a holding page, here’s my answer:

Something is better than nothing, so leave the old site up until the new one is ready. Because although you may think your site looks really old, the rest of the world sees it very differently and may not even notice. In the eyes of your prospect, it may not be as important or as evident as it is to you.

Plus, this process often takes longer than you want it to, so your “new site coming soon” landing page could be up a while and that looks worse.

Want to get your site up and running? Or revamp your current one? There is one spot left in the Beginner Marketing Group that starts this Friday, Oct. 28th, at 12:30 PM Eastern (last one of the year) and we’ll do a section on revamping your web site.


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