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Tools We Like: The Pitch-a-lator

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Okay, it’s not really called The Pitch-a-lator. But the create-your-own pitch thingamajiggy at is a fun little tool.

While it won’t, alas, do all the work for you, the site walks you through a series of steps designed to get you to think about what it is you do, and limits how many words you get to express it. At the end of the exercise, you get a fairly pithy statement you can tweak, if you like, and a place to store it on the web. There’s also a larger profile you can fill out and let live on their site, with space for more detailed interests and contact info.

One caveat: I found this via a Google ad link on another search, and can’t vouch for the security or spamminess of the site. So don’t go giving away all your super-private email addys if you’re freaked out about stuff like that.

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