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Too Much Email?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I received this email recently about…email. Eileen Sutton of E.F. Sutton Creative struggles with the overwhelm we all feel from time to time:

This feels like a minor concern but I often struggle with email frequency and expectations in my business. Today, for example, I sent out my newsletter and a client wrote back and thanked me for the information. I try to keep email traffic low, but I wondered if I should write back and say "you’re welcome," or if one more email would be a bother. I don’t know what folks are used to or expect. Is the silence weird if I let my client’s email hang out there in cyberspace, and/or would he think it rude?  I did decide to write back a short note and also added another thought to my exchange with him. Maybe yr client community struggles similarly so I wanted to raise it.

My response:

I doubt your client would think it rude if you didn’t write back. He probably wouldn’t even notice because he’s be on to the next thing before long. But I would definitely write back to say, "you’re welcome" and more, if something else comes to mind. That’s where the back and forth starts. And that’s one objective of sending out a newsletter — to get a dialog going.

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