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{To Do Today} Send this to your best client – QTMM 12/14/15

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Quick Tips from Marketing Mentor

Can you think of one client…
-with whom you enjoy working
-who values your work and
-who needs your help regularly?

Ask yourself:
-Could you be doing more for them?
-If so, are you waiting for them to ask you for more?
-If you don’t have them on retainer, should you? Could you?
-And if you did, would your income be more stable?

If so, copy and paste this simple message and send it to them today:

Subject line: Lunch? 

Dear (name of client),

I’ve really enjoyed our work together this year and I’d love to celebrate what we’ve accomplished over lunch. I also want to get your feedback on what worked and what didn’t, so we can improve it for next year. 

Are you free on (day this week)? 

If they’re not local, set up a call instead.

Here’s the agenda: 3 simple, yet essential, questions:
-What worked well?
-What didn’t work so well and how can we improve it?
-How do you see your business and your needs changing in 2016?

Often, out of this conversation, which is in no way a sales pitch, will come ideas for what else you could do for them – projects they haven’t thought of because they may have pigeonholed you based on the work you’re doing, unaware of what else you can offer.

Do it – now if possible — and let me know what happens.

I want success stories to start off 2016. Don’t you?

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