To Comment, or Not to Comment: That is My Question

For some time, I’ve made it part of my marketing strategy to comment on other peoples’ blogs. I do it to gain visibility, I do it because I learn from good discussion, I do it to create new relationships.

But what if making all those comments is a waste of time?

I ask the question because of an observation by Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress (WordPress hosts over 14 million blogs):

Don't participate in Comments. Make it clear that your post itself is for anointed authors who don't mix with the hoi polloi in the comments ghetto… those people silly enough to contribute content to your site for free should feel ignored.

Sure, he’s writing from the perspective of a big-time blogger. But, his disdain for the silly content contributors is pretty evident, isn’t it?

I can tell myself to get over it easily enough, but here’s the thing: Matt is obviously a pretty smart guy who knows a lot about blogs. If he thinks my time and energy end up in a “comments ghetto,” maybe I need to rethink my strategy.

This brings me to my question: do you think commenting on blogs works as a practical marketing strategy for creative freelancers? There are plenty of reasons it makes sense.

But does it work?

Have you ever gotten a lead from a comment you left on someone else’s blog? Did you get to know someone who sent you a referral?

Does it work for you? Or do you stay out of the comments ghetto?

I know, I know: to answer, you have to post a comment! Please forgive the irony and share your thoughts anyway! Thanks!

Thanks to Luis Maimoni of Fresh Graphics in Long Beach CA.