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To AIM or not to AIM

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I have one client who hates talking on the phone. I mean, someone pretty much has to die to make her want to pick up the receiver. Fortunately, she is an ace e-mailer, but for her, regular e-mail is “so last year.” No, she wants to be AIMed – that’s instant messaged for the unaffiliated – and has been very persistent about encouraging me to join AIM as well.

I’m not sure I want this. When I write, I must have no distractions – especially not from pop-ups. If I have to respond to every client request – the split second I get it – I’d never get any work done. I’m told that I can make myself “invisible” on AIM, but that if I do, my client would get a message saying that I’m “unavailable.” That’s not what my client wants to hear.

If I sign up for AIM, is there any way to keep my client happy – and keep my sanity, too? I’d appreciate hearing from AIM users.

Special thanks to Alan Kravitz, copy writer/editor/consultant who founded The Infinite Inkwell

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