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Tips on attracting new prospects (who eat birthday cake at least once a year)

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Recently, I had a great conversation with Kim Duke, the Sales Diva, about how to get more prospects and which marketing tools to use.

Here's what's different about this one: It's about finding your prospects in their moment of need (and realizing they're just humans who eat birthday cake every year), not being a wiener, sounding like Julia Roberts in your mind, dealing with "we'll keep you on file," what to realistically expect form your efforts, networking vs. shark frenzies, social "not"working, why Moby Dick is difficult to read over the phone, distilling your essence, Fed-exing footballs, keeping in touch, getting more from your efforts, and finally, the answer to the question, "Are there any shortcuts?"

For a new perspective on your attracting prospects and developing your marketing machine, listen in. Stream it here or listen on iTunes.

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