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Time to prep for 2008

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Well, it’s almost too late to be making cold calls, now that the holidays are almost upon us. And most people are getting into the swing of holiday networking (if you need some holiday networking tips, here’s a post we did last year on the topic pointing to Bruce Allen’s excellent marketing blog). But it’s not too early to start thinking about your marketing plans for 2008. Even if you’ll be taking some time off to be with family, try to use some of the December down time to set a strong foundation for 2008 so you can hit the ground running in January.

Here’s what we recommend for December marketing activities. Get yourself a glass of champagne and:

  • Install time tracking software, such as Timefox to keep track of your actual time spent on jobs (and mention Marketing Mentor for a discount).
  • Create or update your database of prospects, clients, colleagues, vendors and anyone else who needs to stay abreast of what you’re doing. Weed out the prospects who no longer fit your criteria for “best prospects” and take some time to research more who resemble your “ideal client” profile.
  • Install contact management software — such as ACT for PC users, Daylite for Mac users or web-based Highrise — to keep track of your marketing efforts

And if you need a marketing plan, try ours. We just launched the 2008 Grow Your Business Marketing Plan/Calendar. It’s ready to go for December and there’s a version for "Start ups" as well as for "Veterans." Check it out today (and forgive the blatant self promotion).

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