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Time tested business essentials – and free advice

Posted by Ilise Benun on

One of the things we love about the Creative Business Newsletter, edited by Cameron Foote, is that it provides time-tested essentials that help creative business owners run their business more efficiently, no matter what the latest trend.

Plus, all subscribers get unlimited access to telephone and e-mail advice. You are actually encouraged to call or e-mail anytime you need a business reality check, face a new situation, or desire a second opinion. This added benefit, unique among publications of all types, saves subscribers thousands each year in wasted time and avoidable mistakes.

The July/August issue of the Creative Business Newsletter just came out. Here is a look at what’s inside:

Business Conditions Update
For some readers the last two years have written a new definition of hard times. For some fortunate others it has been a period of concern about whether their good fortune can continue to outlast the economic downturn. Whatever has been happening to your business, it helps to know where things now appear headed. And how quickly…

It’s Time to Review How You’ve Been Keeping the Books
Last year’s financial results should be fresh in your mind. You’ve recently settled up with the taxman. And half the year is yet to come. There’s no better time to make sure your financial house is in order…

How to Respond to Unsolicited Inquiries
Sometimes it’s a telephone call, but as often in today’s world it’s an e-mail. An unknown prospect contacts you about meeting and discussing some work. You don’t want to offend a potentially good one by asking if they are serious. Yet, you also don’t want to be wasting your efforts on the under-budgeted, the clueless, and the tire-kickers…

And, the Business Advice section answers questions like:

   * Should you credit unhappy clients?
   * Who should be responsible for collecting invoices?
   * How many vacation days is the norm?

Want to see a sample issue? Click here.

Find out more about the Creative Business Newsletter here (and if you sign up, you receive a $20 Marketing Mentor partner discount!).

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