Tiara as Marketing Tool?

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at Changing Course’s "Work at What You Love" workshop, a collaboration with Barbara Winter, author of Making A Living Without A Job (now in its 18th printing) who said her latest motto is, "Jobs are so 20th century."

With her dreadfully dry wit, Barbara did a session on "Fearless Marketing" and I wanted to pass along a few of her ideas. She recommends using:

  • An attention-getting device. This could be a tiara (there was actually a woman in the group wearing one, I’m not sure why, but it generated some discussion on the topic of tiara-as-marketing-tool) or cat earrings if you have a cat-boarding service or even the name of your business (she gave an example of Loophole Louie, who was just like every other CPA, except for his name).
  • A personal touch. Barbara talked about a cleaning lady who leaves cookies (you can also substitute chocolate) or simply highlighting the fact that when your clients call, they’ll be able to reach a real human being, not an automated phone system.
  • She also talked about creating a natural monopoly. Here’s how she describes that:

"Focus on finding those prospects that you’re a perfect fit for and you’ll start building this natural monopoly. You want to be so appropriate for your customers that the competition virtually disappears. You’ll also find that this helps take away the sting of rejection, when a prospect doesn’t go with you. You’ll end up saying to yourself, ‘Gee, they just weren’t the perfect fit for me.’"

I’ll be back in Northampton, MA, in early May to speak on marketing at Valerie’s next program. This one is her certification program to become an "Out of the Job Box" Career Consultant. Not only will I be a speaker, Valerie has contracted with me to be the personal Marketing Mentor to every attendee for 6 full months following the certification program — hand-holding included. She’s really trying to remove all the obstacles people have to building their own business and I’m honored to be involved. Find out more details here.