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Thursday = Follow Up

Posted by Ilise Benun on

One of the things I love about marketing is the mystery of it all. You just never know when someone will need something. That’s why you have to follow up over and over and over again, even when it feels like stalking!

Here’s what happened to me last month. I sent a simple “hi, I’m still here and interested” message to someone who — 2 years ago — said, “I can’t afford to bring you in as a speaker yet but I will eventually.”

She didn’t say when because she didn’t know when. I could have written her off, preferring instant gratification. But I didn’t. And right before the holiday, I came across her name and dashed off a simple message.

Turns out, my timing was perfect. She had a slot to fill and hadn’t yet thought about who to invite to speak. (She may even have forgotten about me!) But because I happened to email that day, we made the deal in a quick phone call. She even thanked me for following up.

So the lesson is, every time you think of a prospect you haven’t heard from lately and the voice in your head says, “They will probably say no again.” Ignore it!

And every Thursday, starting today, make it your business to look through whatever contact management system you have in place (even if it means scanning your overfull email inbox) and do a half hour of simple follow up.

In my free webinar today at 2 PM, I’ll be showing a template for a follow up email. Will you be there? There are more than 1300 people signed up so far. Register here – even if you can’t listen live. You’ll get the recording. See you online.

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