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Thinking of going freelance?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you’re thinking of ditching your current job and starting a freelance business, my Freelance Column article for HOW Magazine, Making the Move, shares 6 steps you should take now to plan and prepare for a successful launch. Here is an excerpt:

Some creative professionals are forced into freelancing by a relocation or layoff, while others long dream of life as a solopreneur. Either way, making the transition from full-timer to successful freelancer takes preparation, hard work and often a mindset shift. If you’re thinking of going out of your own—or if you have a feeling that path is in your future—start planning and preparing now. Here are the first few steps to take.

Moonlighting can be good practice for freelancing. Take a few projects on the side to see how you do. Do you enjoy working on a variety of different projects or do you find it chaotic? Do you manage your priorities well or do you procrastinate? Can you meet your client’s deadline?

“Moonlighting will let you know if you are disciplined and will prepare you for being in business for yourself,” says Kristin Maija Peterson of Grand Ciel Design in St. Paul, MN. “My moonlight projects allowed me to build my confidence working with clients of my own, not to mention expand my creative range. In the end, the lessons I learned moonlighting made for a smoother segue to freelancing full time.”

Read the other 5 steps here.

For more on freelancing, check out this high-comment post on the Creative Freelancer Blog, Is Freelancer a Negative Term? Let us know what you think.

Have any other tips for creatives who are making the move?

A bunch of people are making the move this week at CFC. We’ll post about them when we get back.

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