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There are lots of holidays to choose from

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Are you doing any marketing for the upcoming holiday season? Cards, mailings or gifts for clients or prospects? Or do you find yourself realizing it's December 1st and thinking it's too late to get something together for this season? Not to worry. There are so many holidays that give you a chance to make a good impression on your clients and prospects. We especially like obscure holidays because it allows your marketing effort to really stand out.

Here's a list of them:
o Compliment Day (Jan 24th)
o National Tortilla Chip Day (Feb 24th)
o Plant a Flower Day (March 12th)
o Draw a Picture of a Bird Day (Apr 8th)
o Lucky Penny Day (May 23rd)
o Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 23rd)
o Chocolate Day (July 7th)
o Bad Poetry Day (Aug 18th)
o International Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept 19th)
o World Smile Day (Oct 7th)
o Sandwich Day (Nov 3rd)
o National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (Dec 16th)

Have you done an obscure holiday mailing, or do you have any other obscure holidays to share?

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