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The Ups and Downs of Self Employment

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Yesterday I talked about Lauren Hybinette, a designer who we met at CFC in Denver who made the transition to full-time recently. 

Her story: She had planned to attend the full HOW Conference but her company wouldn’t send her. She saw the Creative Freelancer Conference and decided she wanted to explore the possibility of going out on her own. She went, and realized that she “could do this” and she “should do this.”

The day after the conference wrapped up, she was laid off from her job (giving her an extra boost in the direction of self-employment.)

Now, Lauren has been self-employed for 6 months—and is focusing on creative for the outdoor industry. In this interview on the Marketing Mentor Podcast, she says:

Every day is a new challenge. Be it getting out of bed some days and, not being afraid, and just not feeling like it’s completely overwhelming, and then there are those days when I’m feeling incredibly empowered, where I’m getting jobs and clients … but sometimes there are just days when I’ve got nothing going on and I feel completely useless … I’m coming off unemployment now, and that’s scary… not knowing if I’m going to have enough money to pay my rent or pay for my car, but it’s worth it in my opinion…

Listen to the full interview here.

Lauren’s goals include knowing that she can secure her future and things will be okay. She sees the light, knows she can do it, and by having outside support she feels able to get there.

Come say hi to Lauren at CFC, June 23-24th in Chicago. The early bird deadline ends April 1st!

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