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The secret to winning proposals: Regurgitation

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In 2011, Rogue Element, a Chicago-based design firm that specializes in higher education and sustainability, won 67% of the proposals they submitted.

Why do they win so many jobs? Principal and owner, Allison Manley, says their clients tell them exactly why they are chosen and half the time, they say it’s the proposal itself that sold them. “They tell us it’s clear and concise and they could understand what we were going to provide for the budget we quoted,” says Manley.

Manley’s secret to being clear and concise? Regurgitation.

“Sometimes clients just want to make sure you understand them. Regurgitation is really helpful. If you repeat back to the client what they’ve said they want – ‘This organization wants the following things….’ they see that and think, “They get us.” Even if you’re just repeating back their own words.

Want to see exactly what Rogue Element’s clients consider “clear and concise”? Find it in the Designer’s Proposal Bundle.

Listen to our 15-minute interview here.

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