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The Proposal That Won an $89K Project

Posted by Ilise Benun on

“I got the account I was pitching!”

That’s the message I got last week from Jim Gorman of Gorman360, a client with whom I had worked on his response to an RFP for a possible retainer project that was worth $89K.

He had put a lot of time and effort into the process. He had clearly given a lot of thought to the client’s challenge and it showed in the proposal.

As I gave feedback on what he had written, it struck me that very few creative pros would go into as much detail about them as he did, without doing spec work. I doubted his competitors did. I hoped I was right.

Well, it looks like I was.

Jim wrote: “When they called to award me the business, they cited my proposal as a big reason why. And they called attention to many of the things I learned from your Proposal Bundle:

  • They said I was the only one who spent most of the proposal talking about them, not me and my stack of achievements.
  • They said I was the only one who seemed to have taken the RFP to heart and wrote a proposal just for them that addressed the RFP point by point, rather than a bunch of boiler plate.

This got me thinking (again!) about what the real key is to writing proposals.

It’s simple: first, you choose very carefully which ones to invest your time in.

Then, once you decide, you put everything you have into it to make sure you get it.

Are you doing that?

We can’t make Jim’s proposal public but you can learn from the tool he used to craft his proposal: The Proposal Bundle. And if you need my help or review, just let me know.

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