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The Pricing Game: Play Along at Home

Posted by Ilise Benun on

On Tuesday, June 14, I’ll be hosting the HOW DesignCast: The Pricing Game. I’ve invited three design-firm principals (Sarah Durham of Big Duck Studios, Jonathan Cleveland of Cleveland Design and Kirk Roberts of Kirk Roberts Design) to develop sample prices for three fictional projects, to help other creatives effectively think through their approach to pricing.

When you sign up, you can play along at your desk by putting together your own figures for these faux projects to see how your approach compares. What’s important is NOT whether your prices are higher or lower than the panelists’; rather, it’s to gain greater insight into the process of pricing a design project. Here are the specs:

Project 1: Corporate ID + logo for ABC public library
The client is the Library director (and the Board of Directors). They have a 10 branches and a healthy budget but have never done this before so they don’t know what the budget should be. They are looking for someone local with whom they can meet in person. The project is Phase 1, a rebranding that will include (in later phases) a year-long campaign with:
 Ads in the local newspaper
 Various promo materials for patrons (bookmarks, etc.)
 Signage templates for regular events
 An annual report
 Revamp of the website
 E-mail marketing templates

Project 2: Website for Arts Organization
The project is a website for this arts organization. Their current site was done in 2007 and it’s way out of date. Plus the staff doesn’t really know what they need. They just know it needs to be updated. And they would like to be able to add things to it and make changes on their own. Problem is, they don’t know what their budget should be. They want 5-7 unique pages. And they have a logo and existing branding that will be used on the site.

Project 3: Goody bag sponsorship for a big corporation
Create a memorable card with a “wow” factor for a highly visible corporate sponsorship. It will go in a gift bag filled with all other sponsor’s gifts as well, and will be given out during a reception with President Obama. So this piece really needs to stand out. They want:
 Three designs need to be presented
 Complete comps for each design need to be created, sent and reviewed by the top levels at a global corporation
 Printing costs need to be strongly considered in the planning process

Register now for The Pricing Game … and then sharpen your pencil and consider how you’d tackle these sample projects. If you’re not available to view the presentation live, sign up now and you will get the recording.

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