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The “Magic” of Content Marketing – QTMM 1/27/15

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Quick Tips from Marketing Mentor

Do you realize that when you create content – email newsletters, blog posts, articles, podcasts, video “shows” and more – you are literally cultivating relationships with people?

And if those are the right people – meaning, “your people” – then those relationships have the potential to develop into strong working relationships built on trust – trust that you develop with your quality content.

In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now with you! (And have been doing for a while now…)

It may even seem like there’s a bit of magic involved. Because I won’t know about our “relationship” until you respond and tell me.

Likewise, you won’t know about your relationships with prospects until they come to you and say, “I’ve been reading your blog (or your newsletters) and I like what you have to say. I need your help. Let’s work together.”

The problem is, that wait can be long and the silence deafening – if you haven’t developed the patience and, yes, the confidence it takes to keep putting content out there until “your people” come. That’s where the real magic is.

But believe me, it works. I know because every day (this is no exaggeration) I talk to someone who says, “I’ve been listening to your podcast and I need your help.” That’s why I keep podcasting and sending you these newsletters. If you’re not “my people” you’ll unsubscribe, which is fine.

This little rant is inspired by my recent interview with Mike Kim of the Brand You podcast. In it we dig in to the content marketing recommendations I make in the 30 Minutes a Day Marketing Plan.

I’ve been taking my own advice and churning out a lot of new content so far this year. Check out my favorite posts from January:

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