The Key to a Stronger 2016

I used to wing it — a lot!

That, and a measure of chutzpah, got me pretty far early on: media coverage, speaking engagements, activities I threw myself into, ready or not!

That’s not a bad thing, but I would have been so much better if I’d prepared more.

But these days, because everything happens so quickly and we are bombarded — literally from all sides — by all types of messages, it takes quite a lot of will and strength to carve out the time needed to prepare.

So for 2016, I’m insisting on more time for thorough preparation in everything I do.

That means saying no to certain activities, which means deciding on what is and isn’t important or will move my business (and life) forward.

Who has time for that?

But I’m telling you, it makes a huge difference.

For example, I’ve been doing more podcasting lately and the more prepared I am for each interview, the more confident I am going into it and the better it turns out.

Likewise, when I do an initial consultation with a new client, I take as much time as I need to research and think about and digest the information they send me, so I am ready with some questions and ideas for how to guide them.

Seems simple, right?

Trust me, it is and it isn’t! But if you need help with preparation, check out the new 30 Minutes a Day Marketing Plan for Creative Professionals. It will make you prepare!2016-Marketing-Plan-Landscape-Mockup2