The fruits of the Marketing Group – Part 4: Newsletter & Promo Materials

Are you impressed with everything Ana Carini created in the Marketing Group? Well, there’s more!

So far this week, I talked about how Ana chose her market: fashion and beauty brands, looked at the networking tools she created, and showed-off her audience-centric website that she created from scratch, as well as her blog

Ana created ALL of these marketing tools and established a strong foundation for her business after diving into the Marketing Group process last April.

Today, let’s take a look at her promotional materials:

• The Ana Carini Design newsletter, the Little Black Box (that she sends out daily!) Here are a few issues to check out: For the Sake of Fashion, Talk About Unique, & Friends With Benefits.

• Ana’s postcard, that she sends in the mail to prospects

• and her one-sheet, that she gives to interested prospects who say, “Tell me more…” (She even has multiple one-sheets depending on the specific recipient!)

Impressed? We are too. But Ana has said herself, “The group process gave me the guidance, and the kick in the butt I needed to get these things done!”

Need a kick in the butt? If you’re ready to produce marketing tools galore and build a strong foundation for your business, a new Beginner Marketing Group starts the week of September 27th. Details here or fill out this form.