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The fruits of the Marketing Group – Part 3: Website

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Can the Marketing Group really help you create a website? The real answer is – yes. It happens all the time. With the support of the group, members create (or revamp) marketing-smart, audience-focused websites.
This week, I’m following the journey of one Marketing Group participant, Ana Carini. Ana dove into the process last April and now has a strong foundation to market her business, including a target market, new branding with business cards and revamped website, social media tools, an e-newsletter (she sends hers out daily!) and a one-sheet to give interested prospects who say, "Tell me more…"

So far this week, I talked about how she chose her market: fashion and beauty brands, and looked at the networking tools she created.

Today, we are looking at her website: Ana Carini Design.

When Ana joined the group, she didn’t have a website at all.

During the group process, she created this impressive one that is entirely geared towards the fashion and beauty market. We think Ana’s site uses language that appeals directly to her target market. It shows relevant examples, and demonstrates that she really understands their needs.

She wanted to make sure the content was as clear and concise as possible, so she hired Deidre for help.

Ana even launched a blog for her business.

Ready to get your website (and your other marketing efforts) moving? For a strong foundation like Ana’s, a new Beginner Marketing Group starts the week of September 27th. Details here or fill out this form.


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