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The fruits of the Marketing Group – Part 2: Networking Tools

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Want to know what you get when you join the Marketing Group?
This week, I’m following the journey of one participant, Ana Carini, who threw herself into the process last April and now has a strong foundation to market her business, including a target market, new branding with business cards and revamped website, social media tools, an e-newsletter (she sends hers out daily!) and a one-sheet to give interested prospects who say, "Tell me more…"

Yesterday, I talked about how she chose her market: fashion and beauty brands. 

Today, I’m showing the networking tools she created.
For in-person networking: Ana created multi-colored mini-business cards (along with a mini-case to hold them as a key chain). 

For online networking: Ana created a fan page on Facebook, a Twitter page, and  a profile on LinkedIn – all of which she uses to keep in touch with her prospects and leverage herself as an expert!
Plus, by pinpointing her target market, Ana was able to find and attend networking event related to her industry, and make new contacts that she has been able to get into her marketing pipleline.
Tomorrow, you’ll see the Ana’s website, and Thursday, you’ll see her newsletter, one-sheet and promotional tools.
If you need a strong foundation like Ana's, and a target market that will give you the jobs you want, a new Beginner Marketing Group starts the week of September 27th. Details here or fill out this form.

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