The Fine Line of Follow Up – QTMM 4/6/16

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You want to know which prospects I’m not afraid to bug?

Those who’ve made an investment of time and who seem serious. With those, I will follow up – gently but persistently — until I get an answer…and you should too. Read on to find out how….

You see, the trick with follow up is that, on one hand they need to know you’re interested, but you can’t appear desperate.

So you have to walk this very fine line. And each situation, prospect, project is different and requires a slightly different strategy (which is why I have not yet come up with a follow up formula that applies to everyone).

However, I can tell you that effective follow up takes more effort than you are inclined to make and more thought than you have time to give.

Let’s say your prospect is interested, you have submitted a proposal, and they said they would make a decision by the end of this week. What if you don’t hear from them byFriday? What should you do? You don’t want to bug them (or stalk them) but you want them to know you’re ready when they are.

My advice: give them a 1-2 day grace period from the time they indicated a decision would be made. So if they said Friday, then reach out on Monday or Tuesday with a two-line message – here’s one I’ve been using lately.

Subject line: ready yet?

Hi (Name),

Just checking in on the proposal…do you have any questions, clarity, decisions?

We’re ready to get started if you are….

(Your name)

That’s it!

This shows you’re organized, professional and interested.

BTW: Don’t worry if they don’t respond to this. Give them another week, then follow up again.

If you aren’t sure how this would apply to a specific situation you’re in, take advantage of my free mentoring session and we’ll brainstorm together.

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