The best marketing advice you’re forgetting to follow

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What's one marketing tip that even savvy businesses overlook?

Here’s my answer: 

Craft a powerful title for Your LinkedIn profile. That tiny one-liner under your name is the most important element in your LinkedIn profile. Why? Because unless someone clicks on your full profile, your name and title are the only things visible on LinkedIn lists, such as the list of "People Also Viewed" and “People You May Know,” as well as when you accept someone’s invite to connect. So your title had better do a good job of communicating your positioning and brand. Plus, professionals are using LinkedIn as a search engine when they need services, so your title must stand out by saying what you do and for whom, as it does for this designer: “Helping Law Firms & Financial Services Companies Elevate Their Brand & Bottom Line” (instead of the more generic, and much more common, “Graphic Designer”).

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