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The 8 blog posts you might have missed…

Posted by Ilise Benun on


If you missed the latest Quick Tip, here it is:

I’m back in the Northeast (just in time for 2 snowstorms this week!) after a glorious month in Savannah. It’s quite amazing how easy it is to work from anywhere these days.

During that month, we’ve kept writing and podcasting. So in time for “weekend listening” or reading, check out our 8 most popular posts, including tastes of what you’ll learn at HOW Design Live in Chicago, May 4-8. (BTW, if you haven’t registered yet, use my promo code “MENTOR” for $50 off – the next deadline is March 31st.) Details here:

Enjoy these posts and podcasts:

  1. Why Creatives Struggle With Pricing (podcast/interview with HDL speaker, Rob Harr on how to make hourly pricing work)
  2. Growing a “merch” business (podcast/interview with HDL speaker, Aaron Draplin on how he has built his product line)
  3. Just a Reminder: Your Business Is Not About You
  4. If you don’t know who your target market is….
  5. Why it’s time to package your services… (by Jill Anderson)
  6. Do you just accept requests on LinkedIn? (by Deidre Rienzo)
  7. What are you worth?
  8. Getting the Work Done Takes Muscle…and a Plan (by Claudine Hanani)

JOIN ME MARCH 20-21 IN WEEHAWKEN FOR BOB BLY’S GETTING CLIENTS WEEKEND. In Bob’s  “Getting Clients” weekend, you will discover:

  • What to charge for copywriting services today — and how to present your pricing to potential clients so they say “yes.”
  • How Bob generated 75 inquiries from a single ad in a marketing trade publication — and didn’t pay a dime for it.
  • How to write, design, set up, and host a business-generating web site for your freelance copywriting business — one that brings in an inquiry a day!
  • How to take your freelance copywriting income to the next level … even if you already make six figures.
  • How to find potential copywriting clients on LinkedIn for as little as $5 per lead.
  • Bob’s top 2 strategies for promoting your copywriting services and attracting new clients online.
  • Should you be a generalist or a specialist — and if the latter, in what niche?

Details and sign up here.

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