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TextExpander: Maximum output at minimal effort

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you’re like me, you’re constantly looking at ways to automate stupid, repetitive tasks, or just generally make life more full of the things you love doing than the things you don’t.

If you’re Mac-based (and I know many of you are), go immediately to this site and download the demo of TextExpander, a piece of shareware that will trim hours off your writing and computer time, minute by tedious minute. I’d been looking for something that could:

1. Hold all of my email signatures for keystroke retrieval
2. Remove the tedious-ity of typing my very long brand name, communicatrix
3. Allow me to paste in text, oft-used HTML links (I’m in Flickr all. the. time), and even pictures automagically.

TextExpander is it. I’ve been using it for less one hour and I’m already weeping with happiness and wonder. And plunking down my credit card, to boot.

(So the non-Mac people don’t miss out, do you geeky Windows types know of a similar fabu product for the PC? A search turned up FastFox, and Lifehacker’s Adam Pash wrote some freeware that does it, too.)

via the consistently fabulous Merlin Mann/

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