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Teaming, partnering and subcontracting: how to excel

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you’re a creative working in today’s market, then you probably know that effective teaming, partnering and subcontracting can make or break a firm’s success.

Cameron Foote, Editor of Creative Business, has dedicated the whole December issue to Improving Your Teaming, Partnering, and Subcontracting. He says:

Many projects today, particularly high-end more profitable ones, require multi-talented input and approaches. Whether you work alone or with staff, being able to team, partner, and subcontract productively with others is an essential business skill.

Of course, working well with others is important under any circumstance. But it becomes business-crucial when a project or account requires developing material with others who possess differing ideas, focuses, and agendas, especially when they’re individuals you aren’t used to working with.

The Creative Business December issue answers questions like:

• How to effectively team up to produce better creative? 
• What’s the right size?
• How to choose the right teammates?
• What if the client dictates the team?

It also deals with these topics:

• Partnering to expand your opportunities
• Profitability
• Working arrangements
• Finding partners
• Billing
• Joint ventures
• Subcontracting to augment your cash flow
• Working with in-house creatives
• & more…

The Creative Business Newsletter is truly a treasure-chest of valuable information for creatives. We are so pleased to be able to offer a partner discount on Creative Business year-long subscriptions (with FREE advice included) and the CD of back issues.


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