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Talking directly to your market

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I talk a lot about how to speak directly to your market using the terms and language they understand.

Here is a perfect example of this from Pam Saxon of Saxon Design. She has posted, Want Raving Fans? Break the Fourth Wall, on her Facebook page. Although the post makes sense for any business owner who wants “raving fans,” it is particularly relatable to the people in one of her markets, show biz. 

Here is an excerpt:

Snarky is 'out' and authenticity is 'in'
There exists a huge gap between what is real and what is perceived in the marketplace, and consumers know this, which is why it is harder than ever to gain trust. Closing that gap (breaking the fourth wall) helps to create trust. For instance, when a business positions itself as carrying a certain value or experience, and that doesn't resonate with the story they are telling (their personal updates on Facebook, for instance), it gives their prospects a reason to look somewhere else; consumers will quickly shift their attention to a brand that consistently 'rings true'.

So how do we do that? The answer is simple, but simple is not always easy — be ourselves. And since there are many aspects to 'who we are', make sure to choose that part of you that is consistent with the part of you that is your brand. Remember who you are talking to, and under what conditions. For instance, your LinkedIn updates wouldn't necessarily be the same as your Tweets. Different situations, different platforms, and the inferred rules of the game-spaces are distinctly different.

Read the rest here:

How can you use the specialized language that your audience understands?

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