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Taking your show on the road

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Two years ago I would have freaked out. But on Friday, during a layover in St. Louis on my way to a remote part of Indiana, when I picked up a message from a client who needed something by Monday morning, I didn’t. Why?

Because I’ve been working on making my business portable. No, I don’t have my entire office on the road with me. But I’ve learned how to pack my portable office so that I can handle most jobs from pretty much anywhere, provided I can get a wee bit of Internet access (which is all you get on a trip to farmland).

For me, it’s all about a tiny-but-powerful laptop (12" PowerBook G4), a cell phone and good syncing habits, although I’m sure there are more great tools (web-based, maybe?) I’ll learn as I do this more.

So, how do you take your show on the road?

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