[Survey] What works for getting great clients?

LinkedIn How Freelancers MarketWhat works best for freelancers in getting great clients?

Take our survey to find out.

It’s called How Freelancers Market their Services: 2017 Survey and I’m collaborating with The Mighty Marketer (and some of her friends in the healthcare communications world) to help freelancers like you figure out what works best when it comes to getting great clients — my obsession lately, as you may have noticed.

Everyone who takes the survey will get a free copy of the survey results report. You can take the survey now by clicking here.

Who’s Doing this Survey?

A group of us got together to do this survey. We all help freelancers like you succeed. Here’s who else is involved:

  • The Accidental Medical Writer, run by Brian Bass and Cyndy Kryder, provides insights and tips to help you become a successful freelance medical communicator.
  • Debra Gordon, MS owns GordonSquared, Inc., which provides medical and healthcare communications services from the science to the policy to the business of health care. She also provides individual coaching for freelancers, as well as a series of webinars on the business of freelancing and other topics.
  • The Mighty Marketer, run by Lori De Milto, helps freelancers get the clients they deserve by targeting and reaching the right clients without wasting time, effort, or money.

Here’s the survey link again: How Freelancers Market their Services: 2017 Survey

P.S. Please share this message with your freelance colleagues so they can take the survey too.