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Success stories: Warming Up Cold Calls

Posted by Ilise Benun on

To wrap up cold-call/telephony week here on The Marketing Mix, I thought I’d share a great experience from a reader, Jennifer Neal of K9 Design Co in Toronto.

I tried your advice (on ‘Warming Up Cold Calls‘) with a prospect I had met. We had agreed to continue the conversation to the next step to talk financials, but I never heard from him after following up with two e-mails and a voicemail. So yesterday I tried your approach, and lo & behold I got an e-mail from him today asking me to call in two weeks. It’s not over till it’s over.

Glad to hear it, Jennifer, and thanks for sharing.

Anyone else have success with a tip or idea? Please let us know, either in the comments or by sending us an email. We love to hear how things are working for you!

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