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Stop proposing, start blueprinting?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Do you ever get asked for proposals when there isn’t enough information to actually write one?

Here’s a new concept that might save you time and energy, and help your clients reach their goals more quickly, especially for complicated interactive projects.

It’s called the Website Blueprint Service—and it’s the brainchild of Erin Pheil at  Colorado-based web design firm, Timeforcake Creative Media. Erin describes a process that can save designers/developers hours of headaches and lost profits. Here’s an excerpt from my interview with her for Applied Arts Magazine

Q: So what is the Website Blueprint service?

A: We think of it as the initial strategy (research, exploration, and planning) phase that’s required for every project, broken out and served as an à la carte piece upfront, without the commitment of a full project. For a flat fee, we deliver a blueprint containing all the information, including pricing, that the client needs to make a decision about whether they want to move forward with us for the design and development stages.

To see what the Website Blueprint includes, read on…

Still doing full proposals? The Proposal Bundle will help you create project-winning ones. And if you need more help, I also offer proposal critiques and help write them too. Email for details.

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