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Stop Asking For The Budget (QTMM 10/13/16)

Posted by Ilise Benun on


I hereby retract a piece of advice I’ve been giving for years and years.

From now on, stop asking your prospect, “What’s your budget?” 

Ask this instead:

“Is your budget in the range of $500, $5000 or $50,000?”

I’m serious. Use those exact numbers with all of your prospects and clients. 

Here’s my new thinking…

The whole point of asking first for their budget was to get some real numbers on the table.

But if your prospect has no idea what it should cost (or doesn’t want to tell you), the conversation stops right there and you end up frustrated — and still price-guessing. 

So here’s the new advice: I am now suggesting that you skip that first step and go directly to the next one by putting something concrete on the table that they can respond to. 

Even someone who doesn’t know their budget can tell you whether it’s $500, $5000 or $50,000.

What do you think? Will you try it and let me know how it works? Are you already doing this? If so, let me know how it works. 

For more help starting the “money conversation,” read an excerpt from my latest article for and download my Money Talk Cheat Sheet (if you haven’t already).

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