Start Your 2014 Marketing Today

Today is a very important day.

The holiday is over and it's a new year. That means you have an opportunity that comes only once a year.

Today, you can start the marketing that will make 2014 better than last year.

Today is the best day to set not only the tone but also the behavior that will carry you through the rest of January, maybe even the rest of the year if you're focused. (If you want proof that it works, check out this post on the Creative Freelancer Blog about how Marketing Mentor client, Jeanine Davis, achieved a whopping 44% increase in 2013.)  2014eCalCover

If you're following the Marketing Mentor 2014 Marketing Plan + Calendar, you know that Monday is for Research. So here are 3 things you can do right now:

  • Look for networking events to attend
  • Look for markets to approach
  • Look for prospects within that market to reach out to

And if you aren't sure what to research, sign up for my free session and I'll help you figure it out.