Special #HOWLive Content Bonanza [QTMM 1/19/17]


This edition of  Quick Tips is one you’ll want to keep — it’s chock full of content from HOW Design Live, including new podcast interviews with speakers at this year’s event (in Chicago, May 2-6), plus lots of tips for getting better clients in 2017 (just a taste of what you’ll find at the new Get Better Clients Bootcamp.

BTW: Don’t miss the HOW Design Live 2017 early bird deadline: Tuesday, Jan. 24.
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“7 Ways to Get Better Clients in 2017” is the first post in my new blog series. It will give you a good taste of what you’ll learn at the Get Better Clients Bootcamp, a half day intensive on May 2, 2017 in Chicago, with Debbie Millman, Jake Jorgovan, Terri Trespicio, Ryan Robinson, Julia Reich and more…. If you want better clients, this is the (surprisingly affordable) event for you! 

HOW Design Live Podcast: my latest interviews with 2017 speakers:

Also, please take 10 minutes to listen to this bonus podcast with Rebecca Blake about the future of copyright. http://www.howdesign.com/how-design-live-podcast/survey-on-copyrights/ Then take the survey before January 31st.

HOW Design Live @ SCAD: Can Robots Design?

That is the question we discussed on January 19 at SCAD when we kicked off the 2nd pre-conference interview series here in Savannah with Mona Patel live and in person. 

mm_015_fourweekmarketingplan_cover_smallBTW: I’m still getting excellent feedback on the new marketing plan, The Marketing Blueprint: How to Connect the Dots of Your Marketing in which I show you how to use the only 6 marketing tools you need as a system, with 54 “excellent examples” of real people doing it right (and lots of video)! 

As always, if you want help figuring out how to get better clients, it may be time to take me up on my free mentoring session offer – it has no expiration date and I promise it’s not a sales pitch! 

Want better clients in 2017 but can’t afford a big conference?

Then come to the 1/2 day intensive, Get Better Clients Bootcamp at HOW Design Live, May 2, 2017 in Chicago. Details here: http://bit.ly/GetBetterClientsBootcamp